Great Souls have no personal ambitions and wander from place to place so that some one might enlighten oneself from their true percepts.

Self Realisation

when he was in 7th class,he underwent a very tough penance for 40 days.Most of the time , he was busy in meditation of God.In 1916, he attained self realization at the age of 13 and became aware of all the secrets of spiritual union. Mahamantra was also revealed to him in three days time during this period only.
ॐ बरहम सत्यम निरंकर अजन्मा अद्वैत पुरखा सरब्व्यापक कल्याण मूरत परमेश्वराया नमस्तम
Om Braham Satyam Nirankar Ajanma Advait Purkha Sarabvyapak Kalyan Moorat Parameshvaraya Namastam
Meaning of Mahamantra:
Om Brahma,Final Truth,Beyond Form,Beyond Birth Single & undivided All pervasive,Blessings Incarnate,To you,Supreme Lord, I Surrender.

Samata Vilas

Simplicity in mind is a true aspirant’s trait,

Sharing his comforts with others he follows God’s dictate.

Samta Prakash

Without doubt there has been material progress in this age called the age of awakening. People have discovered how to live well. They have learnt the motto to eat, drink and be merry. But they are unaware of the consequences of such an approach. But they are unaware of the consequences of such an approach. They do not know that such living produces only discontent and worries.

From Samata Prakash

You cannot remove the thorns appeared on earth.

But if you put on the shoes, the thorns will fail to hurt you.

Never desire to be served.

Always remain eager to do the service.

The world in fact is aberration of mind.

Devote your full energy, effort and thoughts to purifying your life. You should try to reach that fearless state of self-fulfilment and bliss before death can claim you.

Provide others with happiness just as you desire it for yourself.

We look at the enchanting garden that is the world but rare is the one who gives a thought to its maker.

Discern life within life.

Practise simplicity. Avoid treachery.

Cleverness and deception will not work in His Court.

The teachings of saints open closed hearts.

The real miracle of the men of God is in their devotion. Saints do not purposely perform miracles.

Bodily comforts can never be complete.

In this little frame of mine

have I beheld Him—,

Him that sleeps in it and is yet out of it:

Such is His glory

Infinite and Wondrous.

He is called the Purusha

for He pervades the body and the world

and yet the Vedas do not reach Him,

for He is the Absolute Transcendental;

Let not the Vedas sing His glory, they

conceal Him

in their revelation

In whatever form I saw Him

I saw Him full and perfect

I know not How to sing His glory

For none knows except Him

The secret deep of His Being.

At one place He is the Creator

at another He is the Destroyer;

at one place He is a Master,

at another an humble servant.

At one place He is the doer

at another, the non-doer Transcendental,

at still another He spreads Himself

beyond the horizons that ring the world.

The WORD without form

manifests Himself in forms

infinite and countless.

He who has sought shelter of the Guru

alone shall see Him—his Self

—the Self that ever remains full

and indivisible pervades the full

bestowing blessedness on all;

Thus says Mangat.

Brahma,Vishnu & Mahesh are all Saints Saint is born as perfect guru representing God himself,so says Mangat
Place of Birth:Gangothian Brahmana (Rawalpindi,Pakistan) Date : 24 November,1903
One day an Englishman,School Inspector came to inspect the School. He came to the class & posted a question,"What do you mean by service,who should be served &what are its benefits?" No one raised his hand except Mangat in the class.He replied, "Everything in this world is serving and one is born to serve.But man serves with selfish motives.He serves his family,his tribe,his friends,seers and saints and the country in self-interest only.He gives alms & performs virtuous acts to please God so that he might get some benefit. Man hardly ever serves without selfish motives.The highest duty of man is to do selfless service.Christ, Mohammad,Rama,Buddha,Krishna, Nanak etc. all have stressed upon remembrance of God and the service of mankind.It is our foremost duty to serve elders like parents,teachers,gurus etc.Thereafter server relatives & friends and then village-city members,countrymen and the world at large.One gets rich worldly benefits from selfish service,but selfless service brings eternal happiness.May God keep us away from hatred,animosity and give us intelligence to serve every other soul.This would, in fact take us straight to the path of the Lord.Real service is the service of God & that of God's men. On hearing this the inspector & other teachers were highly impressed. His Headmaster wanted Mangat to study upto M.A.He replied humbly,"I am grateful to you but I cannot explain my internal state.This one can continue with just one kind of education.Worldly education is not for me.I Shall now complete only that education which will benefit the majority of the people who have strayed from the path."
Who is ever happy in this world? One who wishes well-being of others


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